Our Services

All of our services are fully-managed from start to finish, with our professional team taking great care to ensure every aspect of our process provides both injured party and instructing solicitor a positive customer experience.

To learn more about G8’s range of services, please call 0151 375 9922 or email general@g8medical.co.uk


    Using experienced, fully-accredited and efficient medical experts in the UK, we deliver medical reports from all disciplines and for all case types.

    These include RTA, Employer and Public Liability, Industrial Disease and Specialist injury.


    Whether you require access to standard GP or specialist private practice case notes, we are able to source any medical records request in the UK efficiently and within timescales that slot within your workflow.

    Our flexible service also includes obtaining the necessary mandates from the client at no extra cost in order to expedite the application stage. This complete service can be utilised as a case-related instruction or as an independent service.


    Offering access to the country’s top providers of diagnostics, we are able to quickly arrange cost-effective scans nationwide with delivery either directly to your firm or to be included as part of the reviewable evidence for an ongoing medical instruction.

    Should you need an x-ray, MRI, ultrasound or other specialist scan, our team of agents can provide you with fast quotes and convenient lead times for completion.


    A critical part of the reporting process is for our medical experts to provide rehabilitation recommendations to ensure the injured party not only receives the compensation they deserve, but also the necessary treatment to restore quality of life.

    From physiotherapy to CBT, we provide a full suite of services that can appropriately assess and treat your client to fulfil duty of care obligations and promote full recovery.


    In more serious cases, it may be necessary to arrange for high value surgery in order to assist in the injured party’s recovery from an accident or disease.

    G8 can help you source a local or regional provider of surgeries in the private or public sectors to find the suitable route to treatment, whilst offering reasonable terms to fund the case.


    At G8, we manage a full UK database of expert witnesses who are able to provide medical reports of all disciplines. Our strict recruitment and implementation policy ensures that all medical reports are sourced from experienced, accredited professionals who offer an excellent level of service and quality.

    If you wish to discuss joining our panel, or have an expert-related enquiry then please email panel@g8medical.co.uk or call 0151 375 9922.


    From the 6th April 2015 all initial medical reports for soft tissue injury claims brought under the RTA Protocol must be sourced through the MedCo portal (www.medco.org.uk).

    G8 medical has recently joined the Medco portal and will be accepting instructions from all solicitors,  we are an independent medical agency who prides ourselves in providing an exceptional service to all our customers.

    For all customers wishing to instruct G8 medical for the first time, please call 0151 375 99 22 or email your details to general@g8medical.co.uk and we will guide you through setting up your account.

    Once setup, please send all new instructions to general@g8medical.co.uk